Top 10 Reasons to Donate to the Memphis Dream Center

by | Jul 19, 2023

1. Your Nonprofit Donations Help Others

The Memphis Dream Center exists to provide opportunities and resources to help children and families move forward in life. 100% of your donation will go towards helping others.

2. You’ll Feel Good

Donating money or time will make you feel good because you know you’re supporting an important cause. We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  

3. You’ll Become More Informed

When you research the Memphis Dream Center and the causes we represent, you become more informed about the issues facing our community and what we can do to solve them. With this newfound knowledge, you can share with others about important issues and motivate them to make positive changes.

4. You’ll Promote Your Passion

Do you see people struggling with lack of quality education in your community? Does the fact that children are sleeping in government offices tug at your heartstrings? Do you want to improve the lives of people in our community? Do you want to support under-resourced children and families? Think about what moves you and choose to donate to that MDC program. You’ll promote your passion and make a difference in an area that matters to you.

5. You’ll Encourage Others to Follow Your Example

By donating to the Memphis Dream Center, you can encourage other people to follow your lead. If your children see you donating money or time to an important cause, they’ll be more likely to grow up with a giving mindset. They’ll be more likely to make financial donations or volunteer their time. Additionally, if you let your family and friends know about your charitable donations, you may motivate them to donate as well.

6. Your Nonprofit Donations Are Tax Deductible

If you donate to the Memphis Dream Center, your donation is tax-deductible. Your donation will benefit others and help you as well!

7. You’ll Stabilize or Expand Vital Programs

The Memphis Dream Center depends on donations to promote our programs and help us reach our goals. With a monetary donation, you can support the dream center and ensure that our much-needed programs are stabilized or expanded. 

8. You’ll Make Memphis Better

When the world seems dark and dreary, brighten it with a donation. When we watch the news and hear about all of the issues in our community, it can make us feel defeated. But remember, your donation, no matter how small, does make a difference, and with it, you can make Memphis better.

9. Every Little Bit Counts

You don’t need to donate hundreds of dollars to make a difference. Every little bit counts when you donate to charitable organizations. Skip the Starbucks run and donate to Memphis Dream Center instead. Small donations still play a major role in supporting our mission.

10. You’ll Improve Awareness of Community Issues

When you donate money or volunteer for charitable causes, you can improve awareness of issues in our community like poverty and hunger. By spreading awareness, you can also encourage others to support the cause and help those we walk alongside.